1. The Buyer issues ICPO + RWA / BCL/ POF ….
2. Seller / Exporter issues FCO (Full Corporate Offer)
3. Buyer returns signed and stamped FCO and Draft of DLC/SBLC/transferable only
4. The Seller issues the draft contract [SPA].
5. Buyer returns draft signed, stamped, and scanned by email and will be considered a legal Purchase and Sale Agreement until copies are exchanged.
6. The seller issues a commercial invoice.
7. The Buyer returns the stamped and signed the commercial invoice
8. Buyer submits a draft of DLC / SBLC
9. The seller returns the above bank instrument with possible changes
10. The buyer’s bank issues the DLC
11. The seller issues the PB 2% within seven banking days
12. The buyer will receive an invitation letter to accompany the shipment at the port.
13. Within 30-45 days, the ship will be loaded
14. Payment against BL, SGS, and shipping documents [ MT 103 ]
15. Ship’s release….

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